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LEESTE's Guizhou Branch Factory is opening today

Number of visits: Date:2015-08-01 15:27:37

Today It is a sunny day. and it is a good day for LEESTE.

LEESTE's Guizhou Branch Factory is opening today. As the fifth branch factory of LEESTE,

LEESTE's Guizhou Branch Factory will mainly produce LEESTE's OWN new material of Romantick Beige,

Grigio Carnico, Imperial Grey a nd Golden Sand Beige Marble. Those materials are from our own quarry.

and also will produce the popular wooden collection marble such as Timber White, Timber Grey, Athen Grey,

Coffee Wooden Etc.

The new factory have about 50000 sq.m, It is equiped with two Auto Polishing machine , Four BM marble

Block Cutting machine, CNC cutting, Waterjet etc. The production ability is 30000 sq.m/month.

LEESTE warmly Welcome you visittig our factory!

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